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Gift Baskets and Variety Packs

91632545-many.jpgFill these beautiful baskets with your favorite gourmet food products. Just place the products you would like in the gift baskets into your shoping cart, and we will create a gift baskets with your personalized varieties. If you are ordering more than one basket, or a basket along with other products. Please specify which items you want packaged within the gift basket when shipped, in the comment section when you confirm your order. The prices include a gift baskets, crinkle cut paper, and shrink wrap only. Individual products will need to be purchased seperately to fill the baskets. Basket sizes and colors may vary depending on the quantity of jars ordered.

Please Note: If you order more products than will fit in the gift baskets due to their size, we will wrap the extra jars and send it seperatly from the baskets. Some times we will seperate out the products into two baskets to ensure safer delivery.  

Please note: Jams and Preserves display better in the gift baskets than Jelly. If you order Jellies for the gift baskets the product is liable to seperate from the jar making it look like there is air in the jar. The product will settle back into place when set back in an upright position. 

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